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Health is Wealth. So, to all the people out there that rush through their entire day working without a consideration for food should have their bubble burst right now about their priorities. Healthy Life Awards us a nutritionist consultancy service operating in Australia and looking to provide its customers with the best advice for their everyday diet. We are motivated by a healthy living and seek to instill that very philosophy into the lives of all our customers.


In keeping with our philosophy, we provide our customers with diet plans ranging from fitness to weight loss ideas and everything in between. In doing so, we employ some of the best nutritionist experts with us who understand that the concept of a “right diet” is overstated. That is why, they will offer individual consultation to each of our clients and recommend the best diets for that individual.
Furthermore, when recommending diets, our nutritionist take special care of your objective with the diet and your age. So, they will ensure that you intake proper vitamins and supplements with your diet for an optimal diet. Brenda Ballast

Moreover, we also realize that your diet must not cause you harm. Therefore, we keep you away from controversial diet plans such as the keto to ensure that you are not just taking in a balanced diet but are actually healthy. That is why we offer lax diet plans that work without having to deprive yourself of the good things in life.

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Tips for finding a dietitian in Gold Coast

Following a healthy diet just doesn’t mean that you ditch all the junk food. In fact If you want to enjoy better physical and mental health you should definitely consider going to a dietitian in Gold Coast. Your food has a major impact on your everyday life. Eating the right food can help lower the risk of heart disease and improve bone health. At the same time it can also improve your digestion and can work towards making your more productive.

Eating a healthy diet reduces the inflammation in your body which would help you fight illnesses and even prevent them before they start. There has been innovation in diet Research and there is a wealth of information available. However one might feel overwhelmed with so much information at hand. This is why you need to refer to a professional dietitian to help you filter out what is worth keeping and what you should for go.

Dietitian in Gold Coast would actually assess your current situation and then recommend a plan based on your nutritional requirements. Make sure that you keep the following things in mind before you hire a dietitian

Finding the right dietitian in Gold Coast

Before you find a dietician you must identify your requirements. You should be aware about your present health condition so that you are able to find a dietician who would be suitable for your specific situation. You can talk to your general physician who could recommend a dietitian for your help. Whether you are looking to lose weight or improve an eating disorder, if you are trying to find a diet for your diabetes or keep the depression at bay of right dietitian can be of great help.

You should keep in mind that you don’t actually the diagnosis in order to see a dietitian for stop anyone who is wanting to make a Healthy lifestyle change can refer to them. You can work with a dietitian collaborative process. For this you need to find somebody you can trust. Just don’t go for the first dietitian that you come across.

Get information for the people you know. If you know somebody who has been working with a dietitian that is even better. Talk to them about the method and services. You can also get information about the prices that the charge. You could also find a dietician through several social media platforms. You can ask for suggestions and there is truly someone out there who would be able to help you out.

Also make sure that you check out the online reviews. You can find reviews through Google reviews on Yelp or any other local blogs. If you are interested in a dietitian make sure that they have got a 4-star rating and above. It is better to go for a dietitian who is willing to engage with patients online. If a dietitian has good reviews and responds professionally to the bad reviews it means that they are responsive and ready to change their services in order to please their patients.

Keep all the above mentioned things in mind when looking for dietitian  Gold Coast.



Purchasing an endoscopy bed

If you are thinking about purchasing an endoscopy bed for your hospital unit there are several things that you need to keep in mind. There are some basics like the frame which would make a huge difference in offering stability to the patients while they are getting their endoscopy.

The basics of buying an endoscopy bed

You should pay special attention to the springs, the grids and the slats. It is also important to consider the overall durability for example you may need to check out the weight capacity and also have a warranty to make sure that it can be repaired immediately. A manual endoscopy bed is less costly when compared to the electric ones. It is also important to consider the length of the bed and the features which it has. It should be able to offer the right kind of support to the patient and also to the technician while they perform the endoscopy.

It is not just the frame of the bed but also its mattress which is one of the most important structures which need to be considered. Mattress selection is critical especially for patients who are undergoing the endoscopy so as to ensure their total comfort during the process. The focus should be on mattresses which have a lateral rotation and can help relieve the pressure on the back.

Other important factors to consider

When it comes to deciding upon the endoscopy bed there are certain specific questions which are needed to make sure that those allow you to make comparison between different varieties.

How often the endoscopy bed is used and whether its used on a daily basis. If yours is a busy medical facility you may want to invest in a bed which offers you good value for money because of its quality and durability. High quality endoscopy bed might cost more but it would offer you better value for your investment.

The frame should be able to provide the right kind of support and stability along with the fact that it should be ergonomic to be used by the technician as well. Cheap equipment is not a great option and would therefore be uncomfortable for the patient as well as the technician. It is advised that medical facilities should consider spending money on high quality ergonomic designs for varieties of hospital beds.

It is important to consider the adjustments and the features of endoscopy beds. It is also necessary to consider the maneuverability of the bed. Patients should be provided with the high quality Diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy services. It is important that the patients are exposed to comfortable environment which helps maintain their privacy and dignity. The right kind of endoscopy bed would allow the staff to cater to the personal needs of the patient and at the same time ensure efficiency and productivity for them. It is necessary to make sure that the trolley is designed to support the endoscopic equipment. Do consider that you only buy high quality endoscopy beds.

What are the benefits of acupuncture in Brisbane?

Acupuncture is among the ancient healing methods that were used in the olden days by the Chinese. However, today acupuncture has become very common in almost every place, including Brisbane. This is because acupuncture jobs have proven to be very beneficial, and hence more and more people are opting for this traditional healing method for their different health issues.

During acupuncture, fine needles are inserted in different locations on your body. These fine needles are disposable, and hence after using them, they are disposed of. The points where the needles are inserted are selected depending on the body parts where the patient is experiencing symptoms. The good thing with this method is that the effects are felt immediately when the process begins.

The process may be very ancient, but you may be surprised by the health benefits that this process may come along with.  If you have been wondering whether you should take time and try out this procedure, you should look at the following health benefits of acupuncture and make your decision. By the time you are finishing this article, you will look for an acupuncture clinic so that you can start the process. Some of the health benefits you are likely to enjoy after acupuncture in Brisbane include:

It helps deal with migraines and headaches

Headaches and migraines are among the main problems that many people face today in Brisbane.  Many people have used different types of medications to try and cure headaches and migraines, but they have not found a solution. However, acupuncture can provide relief for headaches and migraines. Therefore if the needles are carefully and exactly placed near the nerves, then they will have a painful reductive effect, which leads to the relief of the migraines and headaches.

Improves immune system

Our bodies’ immune systems are defense mechanisms that the body has against diseases or viruses. Therefore, if the immune system is weak, we are likely to have many diseases or viruses that worsen the immune system.

Acupuncture will not only help you by strengthening the immune system but also helps in fighting diseases. The benefit of acupuncture is that it helps people in balancing immune function, and therefore, it prevents the development of autoimmune diseases.

It boosts the energy levels

People require energy for the sake of mental and physical activities, especially when they are fatigued. Acupuncture is among the methods that you can use when it comes to fighting off the fatigue or exhaustion that you are feeling. This is because it is able to balance the energetic fields of your body, ensuring that energy reaches all the parts of your body. This, in return, provides all the body parts with the energy to function correctly.

It helps in controlling blood pressure

Acupuncture was used in the ancient Chinese in treating heart and blood flow conditions. Today, it still outperforms so many types of medicines that people are given for these conditions. This is because acupuncture makes the cardiovascular system function as required, thereby lowering the blood pressure and therefore making the heart muscles more effective.

It reduces allergies

When you are used to going for regulated acupuncture sessions, you will be able to fight different types of allergies.  This is because it boosts the level of immunity and helps the body heal faster. For this reason, the allergens that cause allergies are likely to be weakened, and this helps in preventing allergies.

For acupuncture and remedial massage Brisbane, look for a wellness clinic in your neighborhood.

Is Couples Therapy Effective?

If your relationship is in distress and on the verge of collapse, you might feel there is no way out to save your marriage. And the myths about low success rates in couples’ therapy worsens the situation, which leads us to ask ourselves the question, “does couples therapy work?” It does, and there are structured processes of couples’ therapy and documented results from follow-ups. There are systemic models of couples therapy that exist. It is in the record that couples therapy yields positive results. It shows that parties can benefit from the treatment following five underlying principles. A therapist may choose to adopt a behavioural or emotional approach as long as the therapist uses similar strategies, the results will be positive and effective in changing lives.

An evidence-based approach in therapy treatment can be useful both for couples and individuals because it means that the therapy is against other methods in controlled trials. Using evidence-based practice, psychologists adopt the theoretical orientation to ensure they use the best evidence, clinical or research.

Principles of effective couples therapy

A therapist will seek to change a couple’s views in a relationship throughout the therapeutic process from the onset. The therapist will attempt to make both parties see their relationship from an objective point of view. Each partner rebukes their hardstands and looks at what will happen to each partner if they do not compromise. The therapist first collects data from the interaction between the couples and formulate the hypothesis about factors that led to the couples’ interactions. The therapist shall employ different strategies that focus on altering how teams view their relationship and how each partner understands the reasons for staying together.

A therapist will attempt to change dysfunctional behaviour in a couple. It means trying to change the way the couples regard each other and help them improve their interactions. A therapist will ensure that their clients are not engaging in actions that can physically or psychologically harm one another. A therapist will first assess his or her clients to see any risk of physical harm. If there is any sign of physical abuse and the threat persists during the therapy session, the best thing a therapist can do is, refer one of the partners to a violence shelter. Or drug abuse treatment and management centres or any other anger management institution until they are both safe to attend therapy sessions. The time-out will serve to de-escalate the conflict.

A therapist will help couples decrease emotional avoidance. Partners who do not express their private feelings to the other partner because of fear end up becoming emotionally distant. An effective couples therapist will help their clients unleash their thoughts and feelings without fear. The attachment-based approach will bring the couples closer emotionally and not afraid of expressing their private feelings.

Communication is one of the fundamental means to develop intimacy. It should not involve abusive language or ridicule one another. Communication should provide a means to express one’s true feelings. A therapist may have to coach couples on talking to one another in a supportive and understanding manner.

A therapy session for couples should focus on strengths in a relationship and build resilience, especially towards the sessions’ end. It will leave the partners recharged and see life from a different angle than before. Find out more from 4-life Psychology Centre.

Best Health Benefits of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Australia

In Australia, organic apple cider vinegar, Australia has long been revered for the multiple health benefits it brings. It is of small wonder that many Australian homes today have made organic apple cider vinegar, Australia a staple in their pantry.

Fermenting apple cider is a process that creates organic apple cider vinegar. This fermentation process creates a host of beneficial acids, bacteria, and enzyme strains to be added to organic apple cider vinegar, Australia.

The top brands of organic apple cider vinegar, Australia includes succinic acid, acetic acid, lactic acid, and citric acid to nearly resolve every health issue from the skin, stomach troubles, and blood sugar.

The most impressive health benefits provided by organic apple cider vinegar include:

Weight loss

A daily dose of organic apple cider vinegar combined with a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet can subtract inches from the waistline. A study found that participants taking a daily dose of two tablespoons of organic apple cider vinegar lost an amount of four pounds within 12-weeks. The weight loss happened even without making any changes in the routine and diet of the participants.

Decreasing appetite and supporting satiety are the key elements provided by the vinegar to make the participants lose weight. By making the participants consume apple cider vinegar with their meals led to a decrease in food intake.

Stabilises blood sugar levels

One of the most negative health conditions affecting many people today is high levels of blood sugar. Energy and weight levels are affected by high blood sugar levels. Helping to maintain healthy levels of blood sugar has been seen to be one of the top benefits provided by organic apple cider vinegar.

Insulin sensitivity is increased with a daily dose of apple cider vinegar. One study tested the effectiveness of ACV in lowering blood sugar levels by providing participants with white bread taken alongside ACV. The study discovered that a decrease of as much as 31 percent in blood sugar levels was achieved with the participants compared to a control group.

Heart health

LDL cholesterol is considered “bad” cholesterol. High levels of LDL causes heart problems. Heart conditions have become one of the world’s major health issues. Heart health is maintained by a healthy diet and lifestyle. Adding ACV to the diet helps in maintaining heart health.

While animal studies are the only current research available to support the heart benefit provided by ACV, the results look promising. The rats involved in the study showed a dramatic reduction in LDL cholesterol levels after ACV was provided to them for four weeks.

The study concluded that the acetic acid component in ACV played the central role of lowering the LDL cholesterol levels of the rats.

Skin health

One of the main ingredients in ACV is lactic acid. Studies have shown that topically applying ACV to the skin for three months brought a significant change to the appearance, texture, and pigmentation of scars.

Stomach health

Many people today are affected by stomach issues such as acidity and stomach acid backflow. Balancing the levels of stomach acid can be helped by a daily dose of ACV.

The multiple health benefits provided by ACV make it one of the most popular home remedies today. However, it is recommended to opt for unfiltered, natural, and organic apple cider vinegar to experience the best benefits. Contact us at Coral Tree Organic Apple Cider Vinegar for more information.

Why You Should Get First aid Certified Melbourne

First aid is one of the most essential and lifesaving services. Availability of elaborate first aid training and services ensures that the public is well covered in accidental incidents. First aid Melbourne offers both first aid certification (CPR Training Courses) and kits. The course, certification, and training has earned recognition nationally. The trainers are picked in accordance to the stringent measures put in place to make sure that they fit in their quality training.

Anyone who’s interested in the training can book a first aid course from first aid Melbourne since they are certified by the relevant body (ASQA). The courses are taught by the most skilled first aid workers, whose main objective is to make sure that the future fist aider offers relevant help to those in need.

Apart from training, first aid Melbourne ensures that it provides state of the art first aid kits that can come in handy when needed.

Having trained thousands of first aiders, first aid Melbourne is one of the most accomplished providers in the city. Apart from the general public, the first aid training provider has courses specifically targeting the professionals. They include: Medical service providers, childcare specialists, construction workers and those concerned with the disabled and the aging.

Why First Aid Melbourne?

Ongoing classes

Melbourne first aid courses are ongoing throughout the year; one can decide to join them at their own time. They also provide a flexible training timetable that allows one to fit in when free despite their busy schedule. The courses are still offered during the Corona pandemic so long as one follows the laid down rules, i.e. wearing of a mask and social distancing. 

Same day certification for short courses

Unlike other players in the sector, first aid in Melbourne ensures that those taking short one day courses are given certificates on the same day without delays and excuses.

Online courses

During the ongoing corona pandemic, first aid Melbourne has come up with online classes that make sure one gets trained at the comfort of their homes. The classes allow one to avoid the risks of going out.

Affordable training

The first aid training provider has ensured that the courses they give are affordable by the general public. Their courses are cost efficient.

First aid Melbourne training also features life risking health problems like Asthma. The course targets to empower a first aider at a working environment where such an emergency may occur. The first aider is able to handle the problem before the patient is taken to a hospital. The course is accredited nationally.

For those working with young children who are more likely to get into accidents, either when eating or playing, the first aid trainer has a course for them.  The course has three stages with a mandatory theory class. Completion of the course makes them fit to offer any first aid to the little ones.

The most popular course that has seen many who would like to be a first aider takes it is the basic first aid training where the application of AED is part of. The training is offered to any individual whose intents are to save life in any emergency.

Emergency First Aid Melbourne also offers refresher courses for all those who had earlier taken any first aid course. The first aid refresher courses are updated frequently to remain relevant.

Brisbane Barbers: Why every man needs a good barber

In the past barbers were the ones who men used to go for their grooming needs. In fact, men from all walks of life would gather at the barber shop and talk about their day. In fact ancient history tells us that during the Egyptian times, barbers was the only people who could be entrusted with using sharp instruments. Then in the middle ages the barbers were given the same respect as surgeons and dentists. In fact during the 1980s there was a barber shop near the White House which served several president.

Having a good barber can really make a whole lot of difference in a man’s life. A great looking haircut can boost confidence. However, it should be kept in mind that finding the right barber doesn’t happen overnight. It requires a few trials and errors until you meet a barber who you think knows your hair well enough to give you a great looking haircut.

The key is to have an initial successful consultation with your barber. Any new barber is going to ask you the way you want to haircut. However, they would also be giving you their own opinion based on what they can see from the texture and the structure of your hair.

In the past few decades there was a shift in hairstyles for men. During the 1960s there was a decline in people visiting the barber shops. Mainly because men had become more interested in Shaggier hairstyles. Since barbers were accustomed to short clipper haircuts, they weren’t adapt at keeping up with the long hairstyle trend. So men decided to visit unisex saloons. The trend of flowing hairstyles remained well up to 2000. Although, recently there has again been a shift towards the shorter hair styles seen in the past.

In order to find a great barber shop you may need to do a bit of research.

Tips for finding the right Brisbane barbers

  • Find a barber whom you can trust with your hair. The right barber is going to ask you a lot of questions so that they would be able to give you the kind of hairstyle you are looking for. If possible take a few pictures for reference to help them get an idea of what you would like. Basically it is all about finding someone who is willing to take the time and learn about your expectations.
  • When they are done with the haircut they should always ask you for a feedback. This way you can ask them to shorten it or trim down the sides or you might want them to get rid of the cowlick on the back of your head.
  • If you are uneasy about visiting a new barber you shouldn’t just ask them to give you a complete haircut. Instead you can simply ask them to shape of your hair. A barber should be skilled with the slippers and pair of scissors. Since you are just getting your hair shaped you wouldn’t have to worry about a complete change or something which you might not like.

Keeping these things in mind would help you find the right Brisbane barbers.

Tips to help you choose the best medical equipment supplier in Australia

One of the most exciting experiences in the life of a medical practitioner in Australia is opening a new clinic or office. A smooth opening for the medical practice becomes possible with the selection of the best medical equipment supplier, Australia.

The choice of medical equipment supplier is not easy, but it is not impossible to do.

What is a medical equipment supplier?

Supplying medical facilities, labs, engineering firms, and manufacturers a range of equipment is the sole responsibility of a medical equipment supplier. The medical equipment being supplied range from:

  • prosthetic and orthopaedic appliances
  • dental instruments and equipment
  • personal toiletries and cosmetics to small pharmaceuticals
  • first aid supplies
  • medical, hospital, and surgical instruments
  • respiratory aids
  • mobility aids
  • hospital bed technology

Choosing the best medical supplier

The process of choosing the best medical supplier may be tough, but can be done with the right research on your part.

Find out about the various medical distributors in certain areas

Researching the different medical distributors offering their services in certain areas helps you to find their strengths to make them stand out from the rest.

The size of the distributor is also an important thing to consider. Specific small markets are more involved with some distributors while vast markets with huge resources are serviced by large distributors.

If you want a distributor with a personalised touch, the smaller companies are your best option. They will be happy with your support and make deals that are easier and more convenient for you.

Large distributors, on the other hand, are busier and not so easy to work with. Their hectic schedules may also make them hard-to-reach and negotiate.

Understand what you or your company needs

Understanding your need or the needs of your company is crucial. The best fit when it comes to the choice of a medical equipment distributor depends on the size of your business. The best way to do justice to your product/s is to know whether a medical equipment supplier is equipped with the right skills, resources, and time. Extra expenses and time delays are avoided when you understand the needs of your business.

Consistently good quality products

The consistent high-quality products provided by a medical equipment supplier are crucial. Human lives are at stake when it comes to equipment that provides the most accurate and consistent performance.

Skimping to save a few dollars should not be included in the criteria in your search for the best medical equipment supplier. It is vital to deal with a distributor that always delivers the highest-quality medical equipment at all times.

The priority should always be top-quality medical equipment regardless of the kind of equipment.

Collect and select

Shortlisting the name of potential medical suppliers is sound before you make the final choice. Depending on your needs, a list between two to five names will suffice. Bear in mind that smaller types of equipment are easier to transport than larger ones. This means that expenses for postal or shipping should be included in the search.

Choosing the best medical equipment supplier in Australia is a critical decision faced by many businesses. Yet, a profitable relationship becomes possible when you know and understand the expert assistance of a medical supplier versus your needs.

5 Things Dentists Wish People Knew Before Visiting Them

Often, patients find themselves overwhelmed by the idea of going to the dentists. The whirring appliances along with the medical devices don’t make it easy for them either. Even a simple procedure elicits a lot of questions for patients like “why are my gums sensitive during the process?” or “what are those hooked tools?”. While some of these questions might be along the lines of the recurring nature of the visits, there is a lot of underlying information dentists want you to know to make the whole process easier.
Dental care encompasses a lot more than just brushing regularly. It’s quite an all-inclusive affair with stuff like mental health and diet affecting your teeth in one way or another. Let’s take a look at some of the things, dentists wish you know for better dental health.

They’re not here to judge

Patients tend to withhold information about their dental regiment because they are usually afraid of being judged. This results in behavior which could lead to a lot of problems down the road. If you are uncomfortable with the way you are treated, change your cosmetic dentist penrith. It’s very important that you feel comfortable and have a good relationship with your dentist.

Be mindful of brushing

While it is recommended to establish a brushing routine, you need to be careful as to when you should be brushing. You should be careful about it and avoid brushing your teeth after eating something acidic. After eating something like that, the enamel is softened and if you start brushing you will be damaging the enable. Therefore, you shouldn’t ever brush for at least an hour after eating something acidic.

Control your diet

Regularly flossing and brushing is only half the battle. Any dentist will tell you that these routines will help remove the bacteria, plaque and damaging debris from your mouth. What you expose your teeth to before setting off to clean it is very important. What you put in your mouth has a direct impact on your oral health, which could take months, even years to manifest. For instance, regular consumption of sodas can have disastrous results for your teeth.

Dental diseases are preventable

Any good dentist will tell you that you can avoid a majority of dental issues through a combination of good oral hygiene, a healthy diet along with regular visits to your dentist. You should think of a dentist as a specialized trainer for your mouth. You’re not saving up any money putting off your visits to the dentist.

Avoid having a dry mouth

Whether as a result of disease, tobacco or simply genetics, a dry mouth can be a huge obstacle to obtaining healthy teeth. Our saliva is a mineral enriched solution which while cleanses also keeps acid-generating nasties at bay.

Diet to lose weight: how and which to choose. Nutritionists’ advice

Diet to lose weight . Who at least once in their life (but often much more frequently) has not sought a simple, fast and successful way to lose weight? It is difficult to find one’s bearings in the variegated world of slimming diets , so let’s see if we can make things a little clearer.

In the ambitious project of losing weight, we often get caught up in the hurry to get the desired result and we forget that our body needs not only a time to adapt but, above all, a series of nutrients to work better (carbohydrates , proteins, fats, etc.) to be consumed every day in the right proportions that may vary a little depending on the person’s constitution and the activities he or she performs during the day.

Unfortunately there are no shortcuts that can guarantee us a rapid and lasting weight loss but rather we should change perspective and always follow a balanced diet suitable for us able to guarantee us not only the right weight but also health. However, there may be times when we want to drop a few pounds and look for the perfect weight loss diet. But does it exist?

Orienting yourself in the wide panorama of possible weight loss diets is not easy . The question is in fact more complicated than it may seem at first sight. Every person is different, has a different constitution, a different age, a different weight to be lost, different health problems, different needs, etc.

It is therefore difficult to establish a slimming diet that can be suitable for everyone and always successful, but it is much more likely that each person should commit to finding the right key to losing weight, the one that is best suited to their body and their needs, and that the prevent falling into the yo-yo effect .

According to an analysis conducted in the United States there would be some diets to lose weight better than others as they are easier to follow , more effective in the result, which ensure all the necessary nutrients and therefore also safe from the point of view of health. Most of these diets (diets Dash, Mind, Tlc, etc.) are almost unknown to us, in fact they are studies conducted on American patients who have a lifestyle and above all a type of diet very different from us.

The high-protein diets that undoubtedly work but also have several contraindications are still very fashionable . Among these the most well-known is undoubtedly the Dukan diet of which we have already deepened the contents in a previous article and which we advise against for possible contraindications (as well as for ethical and environmental factors).

Then there is the vegan diet . But is it right to consider this a diet suitable for weight loss? This question was answered by nutritionist and veg-coach Roberta Bartocci in this video interview :

Among the best diets to lose weight suited to our latitude there is certainly one considered “at home”: the Mediterranean diet . However, as underlined by Alessandro Targhetta, a doctor and an expert on food intolerances , it is necessary to go back to the true Mediterranean diet, that of the origins, that is the food style of the early 1900s. In this regard, the doctor offers us an interesting food scheme on what we really should eat:

– Seasonal fruit and vegetables from the area where you live (km 0): 5 meals a day, preferably raw.


Not all breakfasts are healthy: a bowl of chocolate granola bought in the supermarket contains excess sugar and is anything but healthy. If you choose to have breakfast, you must also be careful what you eat. It’s time to check: how healthy is your breakfast?


Instead of getting up and having breakfast calmly, send the alarm back and your breakfast is reduced to a croissant taken on the fly and eaten in the car or on the train as you go to work. What does it matter to the body where you eat after all? What is important, however, is how much we focus on our meal: people who spend time at breakfast, eat in a more sensible way. Studies confirm that when we walk our brain is not focused on what we eat and on the move we tend to take in more calories. Plus, even chewing inappropriately because you’re in a hurry, can cause digestive problems.

Tip: if you don’t have time in the morning or prefer to sleep longer, prepare breakfast the night before. We recommend the mango pudding and chia seeds .


If your breakfast is made only of sugars, you will go hungry again after an hour or two. Why? Because your blood sugar will rise and fall quickly and in addition, a meal rich in simple carbohydrates is easily digestible. The energy that derives therefore, is short term and for this the hunger returns shortly after. so much and the carbohydrates are absorbed in their simplest form (monosaccharides or simple sugars) directly into the blood. Breakfast cereals are an example of fast digestible food.

Foods rich in fiber (for example oats, whole-grain products, legumes and vegetables) are exactly the opposite: one feels full for a long time because the fibers need more time to cross the intestine and they also keep him healthy, lower the risk of contracting diabetes and, according to some studies, also have the benefit of preventing colon cancer. At least 30 g of high-fiber foods should be consumed daily. 


Fiber-rich foods are not the only ones that keep us full. Even the protein ones play the same role and keep hunger attacks at bay, filling us for a long time. What is the example of a protein breakfast? Protein-based meals include, for example, a vegetable omelette accompanied by wholemeal bread, oats with Greek or soy yogurt and fruit or wholemeal toast with nut butter, banana and chia seeds. Even homemade smoothies are ideal for filling up with protein.

vegetarian couscous

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