First aid is one of the most essential and lifesaving services. Availability of elaborate first aid training and services ensures that the public is well covered in accidental incidents. First aid Melbourne offers both first aid certification (CPR Training Courses) and kits. The course, certification, and training has earned recognition nationally. The trainers are picked in accordance to the stringent measures put in place to make sure that they fit in their quality training.

Anyone who’s interested in the training can book a first aid course from first aid Melbourne since they are certified by the relevant body (ASQA). The courses are taught by the most skilled first aid workers, whose main objective is to make sure that the future fist aider offers relevant help to those in need.

Apart from training, first aid Melbourne ensures that it provides state of the art first aid kits that can come in handy when needed.

Having trained thousands of first aiders, first aid Melbourne is one of the most accomplished providers in the city. Apart from the general public, the first aid training provider has courses specifically targeting the professionals. They include: Medical service providers, childcare specialists, construction workers and those concerned with the disabled and the aging.

Why First Aid Melbourne?

Ongoing classes

Melbourne first aid courses are ongoing throughout the year; one can decide to join them at their own time. They also provide a flexible training timetable that allows one to fit in when free despite their busy schedule. The courses are still offered during the Corona pandemic so long as one follows the laid down rules, i.e. wearing of a mask and social distancing. 

Same day certification for short courses

Unlike other players in the sector, first aid in Melbourne ensures that those taking short one day courses are given certificates on the same day without delays and excuses.

Online courses

During the ongoing corona pandemic, first aid Melbourne has come up with online classes that make sure one gets trained at the comfort of their homes. The classes allow one to avoid the risks of going out.

Affordable training

The first aid training provider has ensured that the courses they give are affordable by the general public. Their courses are cost efficient.

First aid Melbourne training also features life risking health problems like Asthma. The course targets to empower a first aider at a working environment where such an emergency may occur. The first aider is able to handle the problem before the patient is taken to a hospital. The course is accredited nationally.

For those working with young children who are more likely to get into accidents, either when eating or playing, the first aid trainer has a course for them.  The course has three stages with a mandatory theory class. Completion of the course makes them fit to offer any first aid to the little ones.

The most popular course that has seen many who would like to be a first aider takes it is the basic first aid training where the application of AED is part of. The training is offered to any individual whose intents are to save life in any emergency.

Emergency First Aid Melbourne also offers refresher courses for all those who had earlier taken any first aid course. The first aid refresher courses are updated frequently to remain relevant.