Diet to lose weight . Who at least once in their life (but often much more frequently) has not sought a simple, fast and successful way to lose weight? It is difficult to find one’s bearings in the variegated world of slimming diets , so let’s see if we can make things a little clearer.

In the ambitious project of losing weight, we often get caught up in the hurry to get the desired result and we forget that our body needs not only a time to adapt but, above all, a series of nutrients to work better (carbohydrates , proteins, fats, etc.) to be consumed every day in the right proportions that may vary a little depending on the person’s constitution and the activities he or she performs during the day.

Unfortunately there are no shortcuts that can guarantee us a rapid and lasting weight loss but rather we should change perspective and always follow a balanced diet suitable for us able to guarantee us not only the right weight but also health. However, there may be times when we want to drop a few pounds and look for the perfect weight loss diet. But does it exist?

Orienting yourself in the wide panorama of possible weight loss diets is not easy . The question is in fact more complicated than it may seem at first sight. Every person is different, has a different constitution, a different age, a different weight to be lost, different health problems, different needs, etc.

It is therefore difficult to establish a slimming diet that can be suitable for everyone and always successful, but it is much more likely that each person should commit to finding the right key to losing weight, the one that is best suited to their body and their needs, and that the prevent falling into the yo-yo effect .

According to an analysis conducted in the United States there would be some diets to lose weight better than others as they are easier to follow , more effective in the result, which ensure all the necessary nutrients and therefore also safe from the point of view of health. Most of these diets (diets Dash, Mind, Tlc, etc.) are almost unknown to us, in fact they are studies conducted on American patients who have a lifestyle and above all a type of diet very different from us.

The high-protein diets that undoubtedly work but also have several contraindications are still very fashionable . Among these the most well-known is undoubtedly the Dukan diet of which we have already deepened the contents in a previous article and which we advise against for possible contraindications (as well as for ethical and environmental factors).

Then there is the vegan diet . But is it right to consider this a diet suitable for weight loss? This question was answered by nutritionist and veg-coach Roberta Bartocci in this video interview :

Among the best diets to lose weight suited to our latitude there is certainly one considered “at home”: the Mediterranean diet . However, as underlined by Alessandro Targhetta, a doctor and an expert on food intolerances , it is necessary to go back to the true Mediterranean diet, that of the origins, that is the food style of the early 1900s. In this regard, the doctor offers us an interesting food scheme on what we really should eat:

– Seasonal fruit and vegetables from the area where you live (km 0): 5 meals a day, preferably raw.