At prime age, a person’s skin is usually vibrant and appealing to the sight. This changes as they age, as their skin becomes susceptible to scars, acne, etc. following a reduction in the quantity of collagen and elastin. This may hurt a person’s esteem, especially when at a social gathering as they tend to worry about their appearance. Eventually, they may lose their self-esteem and feel strange.


What is a skin needling treatment?

Skin needling procedure as collagen induction therapy. In simple words, the procedure aims at promoting or triggering natural collagen reproduction in an individual’s skin. The principle of this technique is the same as the natural healing process on the skin following some bruising or cutting.


This technique is also known as dermarolling or micro-needling. It is a cosmetic process that aims at rectifying the above mentioned problem. It entails puncturing one’s skin by the use of tiny needles. Puncturing is carried out in a regulated manner using these sterilized needles. This triggers the healing process by the body because the latter will be interpreted as an injury. Normally, injury causes collagen to be formed together with elastin whose key purpose is to bring about a younger and smoother appeal.


Usually, a small device (skin roller) that is hand-held and attached with tiny needles is rolled along the skin. The needles on the device puncture the skin creating tiny openings. The tiny wounds that resut puncture some blood vessels in the epidermis causing blood to clot. Normally the blood clotting process triggers regeneration of elastin and collagen. This procedure is usually carried out by a skincare professional. It may need about five to six sessions to accomplish depending on a person’s skin.


The needles are usually one to three millimetres long whose penetration into the skin is restricted to the topmost layer, the epidermis. The procedure triggers the natural healing process of a wound. Elastin and collagen formed are the elements responsible for skin vibrancy.


The skin roller device has to adhere to health protocols as required in medicine. The needles should be sterilized. Companies that make skin roller devices should pack them in pre-sterilized condition.


Skin needling procedure is proving to be a cost-effective method of reducing undesirable lines on the face and wrinkles. Other than being cost-effective, it’s also the simplest in comparison to other known methods.



For people with sensitive skin, numbing may be required for the process to be carried out smoothly. Skin needling also has other advantages other than that of reducing scars. Blood flow to the skin is improved. Moisturizer, lotions, and serum penetrate more into the skin too.


Skin needling performed by Herstellen can be conducted on any skin type and colour. It aims at reducing skin-related issues such as stretch marks, acne, scars, wrinkles, etc. Published studies have indicated the effectiveness of this technique in rectifying skin flaws. Images of people who have undergone the procedure before and after the technique also show how effective this treatment is.


Concisely put:

  1. Skin texture is greatly improved. The procedure results in the disappearance of scars thus bringing a new blemish-free smooth skin.
  2. Healthy skin growth is promoted following the formation of collagen as well as elastin. These two components result from the needle scars and greatly boost the growth of an individual’s skin.
  3. Stretch marks, uneven pigmentation, rough skin texture, undesired lines, and other undesired flaws are done away with using this procedure.