Lip blushing is increasingly becoming popular in Gold Coast, and the reason is pretty obvious; everyone wants to appear more beautiful and charming. Most people going for lip-blushing tattoos in Gold Coast are mostly young ladies.

Most of them want to have fuller lips and coloured lips. So, lip blushing aims to enhance your lips’ general appearance and shape.

Although the tattoo is becoming popular in Gold Coast, most people who are sceptical and perhaps afraid of doing it have various questions in their minds. Fortunately, we will look at the most frequently asked questions about this tattoo, shall we?

Commonly Asked Questions About Lip Blush Tattoo Gold Coast

1. How Long Can Your Lip Blush Lasts?

According to experts in Gold Coast, the lasting of lip blush usually depends on the individual and their level of sun exposure. Other practices like smoking and even drinking can highly contribute to how long your lip blush lasts.

Nevertheless, lip blush can last for up to two years when all things are constant. That means you need to keep repeating the tattoo every two years or less to maintain fuller lips and that beautiful shape.

2. How is Lip Blush Done in Gold Coast?

When we hear of tattoos, most people think of needles and laser beams doing the work. However, that’s not the case with lip blush tattoos in Gold Coast. Lip blush is done using tiny sharp razors that cut into your lip skin. Then some colour is added to the cuts. Layers of your suitable colour are added until your wish is met. The aim is to have symmetrical lips as per your desire.

3. Is it Painful?

As the lades cut into your lips, you will feel minimal pains but cannot be compared to other forms of tattoos. Lips have thousands of nerves and blood vessels, so even the tiniest cut will make you feel some minimal pain.

4. What are the After Effects?

After lip blushing is done, which usually takes around one hour, you may end up experiencing lip swelling or redness. That usually depends on your body and how it reacts to cuts. Nevertheless, most people usually have some swelling.

To reduce the level of swelling, it is recommended that you use ice. That not only inhibits swelling but also reduces blood flow. Only a few people have experience infection because they never followed the tattoo artist’s instructions.

5. How Safe is Lip Blushing?

Although lip blush tattoo Gold Coast is not harmful, some people have experienced some skin reactions, especially due to the red and pink colour pigmentation used in the process. According to professionals, red is one of the most corrosive colours for those with allergies.

However, there have been no adverse effects from lip blushing. It does not harm to do your research before getting the tattoo. If you are allergic, you may need to reconsider the decision or use a less corrosive colour.

Before you get that lip blush tattoo in Gold Coast, do thorough research to know the best lip blush tattoo artists who are professionals in what they do. You can ask for their previous work experience to know how they do it and compare it with your desired results. Blackmarket Tattoo Co is now offering cosmetic tattooing. You might want to check them out.